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Minyarti Pa...(This Is) Walmajarri Animals & Bush Foods Mural and Language Learning Project 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

At YCS in Term 4 2021, Walmajarri Elders Mary Vanbee, Jessie Moora, and Martha Costaine worked with YCS High School students to paint murals of all the native animals and bush-foods that can be found around Yakanarra. These paintings also included the Walmajarri names & English translations of these animals. These paintings will be displayed around the school to remind students of the living nature of Walmajarri language that surround them.

Walmajarri teacher Beryl Dickens has been developing language lessons around these animals and bush-foods, and is helping students to identify animals using traditional Walmajarri wangki (words). In this video, the students introduce each animal and bush food and repeat with Beryl "Minyarti Pa.." which translates as "This is..."

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