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‘Minyarti pa Tiya-Tiya’ Book Illustration Workshop with Alison Lester & Friends

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

YCS hosted Alison Lester’s Illustration Workshop in conjunction with Vicki Hynam and the Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre in the school’s Walmajarri room to great success. All students, staff, and community were invited to participate to learn illustration skills from Alison and Friends and together developed a series of artworks for the upcoming YCS book ‘Minaji pa Tiya-Tiya (The Echidna & Magpie Lark). All students were very engaged and excited throughout the workshops, and Alison commented that ‘School felt like great place to be’.

YCS welcomes & introduces Alison Lester and friends.

Illustrator Alison Lester demonstrates drawing techniques for the Magpie Lark to staff and students.

Alison worked with students from the Early Years all the way to Secondary School on illustrations.

Elders & students worked together to create illustrations of the Echidna and Magpie Lark

Students and staff learnt new illustration techniques including stencilling.

Students and staff learnt hands-on skills with different media including water-colour, paint -pen, & brush-pen.

Alison shows students different ways to paint the Minaji (Echidna).

Students experienced success by being part of an important project illustrating the Dream-time stories of “Minaji & Tiya-Tiya’ as told to Jessie from her Great Grand-Mother.

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