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YCS Ngarpukura Juju (Gospel Song) We Are Gathering 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

"I learnt these Jujuwarnti from my Mum and my Aunties when I was little, and now I would like to pass these onto the students, so that they can then pass them onto their children."

Beryl Dickens.

In term 2, 2022, YCS Walmajarri language teacher Beryl Dickens is teaching all the students traditional renditions of Gospel Hymns that have been translated into Walmajarri and passed down through the generations. These Jujuwarnti (songs) have been practised daily as both a calming activity, a way to learn Walmajarri, and also to keep connections strong and respectful with Ancestors.

We Are Gathering Lyrics
Download PDF • 42KB

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