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Featuring a selection of books, music, and online content, YCS are proud of their creations, and would love to share with you a selection of Projects that celebrate Walmajarri language, Culture, and Learning! Wulyu Warrkam!

Mangunampi Juju with Pampirla Hanson Boxer

In 2020, Walmajarri Elder Pampirla Hanson Boxer guided boys and men from Yakanarra Community School in learning the traditional Juju (song and dance) of Mangunampi, Yakanarra WA.

Walmajarri Word Pack V.1

Early in 2020, Language student TIahne Vanbee produced the 'Walmajarri Word Pack'. With corresponding printed flash cards given to staff and embedded in the school environment,  these words were encouraged to be practised and learnt for daily use.

Kuyuwarnti Nguwarraji 

In August 2020, Walmajarri Elder & Language Consultant Mary Vanbee complied artworks from her sister's (Rosie Vanbee) hand-printed book 'Kuyuwarnti Nguwakkarraji'. These artworks were digitised and edited, and now accompany Mary narrating both the Walmajarri and English translations of the work. Wulyu Warrkam Rosie & Mary!

Yakanarra Songbook Video

At Yakanarra Community School students maintaining their identity and practicing their language and culture is of core importance to the lives of our mob. Walmajarri is categorised as an ‘at risk’ language and our Elders who still speak this precious language are determined to have it taught within our classrooms. In 2019, Yakanarra Community School underwent a large-scale musical project to capture some of our Walmajarri language. The project brought our community together to celebrate the songs of our past and a few recent ones too. These songs, written and performed in Walmajarri, are now a valued resource to us at Yakanarra and have been brought to life for the next generation to learn and sing along. The Yakanarra Song Book is a collection of songs created in collaboration with Walmajarri Elders, Indigenous and non-Indigenous school staff at Yakanarra Community School and singer-songwriter, Chris Aitken. All songs are produced by Leadbetter Productions. We hope you enjoy the tunes and learn some Walmajarri too! Walawu!


Yakanarra Walmajarri Songbook

A collection of 14 beautifully illustrated songs about place, the sounds of the animals and birds, hunting, fishing and more.


The 10 Walmajarri songs were written in the 1980s and 1990s by Walmajarri language teachers. The 4 songs in English were created by the students of Yakanarra Community School at a song writing and illustrating workshop with community Elders, Jessie ‘Wamarla’ Moora and Mary ‘Purnjurr’ Vanbee, as well as author, Alison Lester, and musician/teacher, Chris Aitken. 

The book was launched on Indigenous Literacy Day (6 September 2017). and is available as a Hard Cover book from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Digital downloads of the songs accompanying the Yakanrra Songbook are available on Spotify here.

Walmajarri Language & Culture Presentation

Created in 2019 as a collaboration with Walmajarri Elders, Indigenous and non-Indigenous school staff at Yakanarra Community School, the 'Walmajarri Language & Culture Presentation' explains the importance of teaching Wlamajrri language and getting out onto Country for Bush Learning.

IHHP Listen, Try, Respect

In 2015, IHHP (indigenous Hip-Hop Productions) came to develop a music video clip with the students of Yakanara. The students and IHHP crew explored the themes of the School Mantra "Listen, Try, Respect". Listen to each other, elders and , teachers. Try your best and give every opportunity a go, don't be shame. Respect for yourself, teachers, elders and culture. 

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